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Works and Days places its focus on the best technical materials from Japan, Italy, Switzerland and Portugal. The character and durability of each textile is what gives every garment its unique character.

Ventile Organic:

Made in Swizerland

Ventile Organic, is a material originally manufactured for WW2 airforce pilots, and is designed to last a lifetime. Extremely weatherproof, breathable and finished with critical seam taping for total protection. It is still used in military applications today.

Made from 100% organic cotton. This fabric is entirely natural, made from the worlds finest extra-long staple cotton yarns woven into a highly compressed plain weave. Precision spinning results in a streamlined yarn which is essential for giving Ventile® its unique waterproof characteristics. After spinning, the yarn is then doubled in order to increase its durability and abrasion resistance.

One of the original performance fabrics, Ventile is tried and tested, and only improves with age as it develops with wear. By utilising the technical properties of Ventile and combining them with modern manufacturing techniques the aim is to provide a modern look to what is a heritage fabric.

Primaloft Merino:

Made in Italy

Primaloft Merino is a blended yarn of natural and biodegradeable performance yarn. Primaloft ® Silver Performance Yarn and merino wool blends to provide the perfect balance of exquisite merino wool and techncial fibres. Combining the super soft hand-feel of merino and the superior warmth and durability of Primaloft®. Further the Primaloft® yarn is engineered to be biodegradeable, whereas the merino is naturally biodegradeable.

While merino offers excellent natural performance, being breathable, antibacterial, insulating and washable, the addition of the primaloft increases the thermo regulating, quickdry and durable properties.

2 Way Stretch:

Made in japan

2 way stretch refers to the bi-direction stretch of the fabric due to the double cross weave and technical yarn. The engineered 2 Way yarn structure expands and contracts with the movement of the wearer. Compared to regular yarns, this high-performance material has higher stretchability and stretch recovery properties, combined with moisture control and durability. The yarn utilises bio based polyester from plant-derived sources to offer an innovative alternative to purely fossil fuel derived polyester.

Although technical in nature, the fabric is developed and finished in Japan to give a particularly soft, semi-wrinkled, and natural hand feel. This treatment of a techncial fabric gives the character otherwise found in natural materials, which is the aim in creating familiarity and ease of wear while maximising the utlity and performance of the garments.

50/50 Jersey 220GSM:

Made in Portugal

50/50 refers to the composition of the cotton used in the fabric. Using 50% mechanically recycled cotton, and 50% organic cotton. This Jersey is created by PYRATEX®, and has been developed to balance a natural dry hand feel, comfort and durability with innovative sustainable practices. The recycled cotton originates from post-industrial textile cottonwaste, Pyratex collects textile residues and fabric waste from industrial production, it is not farmed, processed or dyed. The fibres are mechanically recycled and the yarn is then spun in Portugal.

The recycled cotton gives the fabric character, combined with stabiity and softness from knitting together with the organic cotton. 220GSM is a relatively heavy weight jersey, but this quality was developed to retain it's softness, and is easy to wear all year round.